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Dastardly Buyer Tricks (Part 2)

As noted in Dastardly Buyer Tricks (Part 1), negotiating the sale of a company is often tricky — and negotiations tend to become more challenging throughout the course of the transaction as the balance of leverage tips from the seller to the buyer. The negotiation process can become particularly fraught with land mines if the buyer begins to make extreme or unreasonable demands, pulling what we call “dastardly buyer tricks” in an attempt to “get a leg up” on the seller.

Dastardly Buyer Tricks (Part 1)

On both sides of the negotiating table, there is give and take throughout the process until both the buyer and seller are mutually satisfied (or dissatisfied as the case may be) with the outcome.

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Six Planning Opportunities Owners Should Consider in Advance of a Sale

Owners who have spent much of their life building a business may have a difficult time envisioning what comes after they sell their company. Of course, there are plenty of action steps and issues that the owner should consider undertaking well in advance of considering the sale in order to realize the dream of a successful exit.

The Working Capital Negotiation: A Necessary Evil

The working capital target concept is fairly common in M&A transactions. In fact, we have experienced this concept in nearly every transaction that we have participated in over the years.

Universal Advice for Sellers (Part 3)

These are the recommendations we find ourselves imparting repeatedly to the sellers with whom we work throughout the sale process. This advice is not only universal, it is timeless. While we don’t have a trove of words of wisdom ready to share with sellers at a moments’ notice, these encompass the recurring ideas and guidance that we have consistently shared with sellers over the years.

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