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01. Strategic

Often the value of the business is the owner’s single largest asset. Understanding how much money the business owner needs to realize from the sale of the business and how they derived this number is critical.

02. Professional

Rather than thinking about buyer candidates from the “what buyer will pay the highest price” perspective, owners can think about buyer candidates that will pay the highest price while addressing a number of non-financial objectives. 

03. Prepared

By preparing your company for sale in advance, you can undertake the process without the stress of an imminent transaction, thereby increasing the sale value of your company and having the greatest chance of achieving a successful closing.


Andrew Gelfand


Mr. Gelfand is the Managing Member of The Gelfand Group LLC (“TGG”), an independent firm that provides investment banking services to entrepreneurs and privately-held companies.  TGG’s experience includes advising on the sale of businesses, strategic acquisitions, valuations, and related corporate finance matters.  TGG was organized in 2018 and is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  TGG is doing business as (dba) Bruml Capital (“BCC”) under a brand licensing agreement with BCC.

Prior to organizing TGG, Mr. Gelfand was affiliated with Bruml Capital Corporation (“BCC”).  Bruml Capital Corporation is also an independent investment banking firm that provides similar services to similar markets.  Mr. Gelfand joined BCC in 1989 as a Vice President, became a principal in 1991, manager of the Valuation Services Group in 1995, and Senior Vice President in 2006.

During his tenure with Bruml Capital Corporation, Mr. Gelfand managed or co-managed numerous buy-side, sell-side, and corporate finance engagements for a wide variety of companies including basic manufacturing, metals, wholesale distribution, food processing and marketing, consumer, financial services, and service businesses.

Mr. Gelfand was also the manager of BCC’s valuation services group where he wrote numerous valuation opinions.  Such opinions were used in connection with corporate finance (acquisitions, divestitures, capital financing, executive incentive plans, stock redemptions), fairness opinions, domestic relations, tax oriented issues, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, estate plans (including gifts and GRAT’s), and estates.  Various corporate and regulatory agencies reviewed and accepted the conclusions of the reports.  He also provided expert witness testimony.

Mr. Gelfand earned a B.A. in mathematics from Colgate University and an MBA in finance from The Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

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Mergers and acquisitions services, valuations advisory services, and certain investment banking-related services are provided by The Gelfand Group LLC doing business as (dba) Bruml Capital under agreement with and a license granted by Bruml Capital Corporation for use of its name. The Gelfand Group LLC is not affiliated with Bruml Capital Corporation. All services are independently provided by The Gelfand Group LLC dba Bruml Capital pursuant to an engagement solely with The Gelfand Group LLC dba Bruml Capital.

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